South Africa is currently in a 21-day lockdown to try and "flatten the curve" of Covid-19 infections, and to most people 21 days stuck at home seems terrifying. How do you fill 21 days if you're not allowed out of your place of residence?
Well, apart from doing all the little things about the house that you've always wanted to do, why not read the Bible? Apart from filling the time, it will be very good for you: it is impossible to spend time in the Word of God and not be influenced by it. It is bound to lift your spirit, among other things, and you will definitely learn a lot of things about God and yourself.
So, here's a schedule to help you finish the whole New Testament during lockdown. (Somebody shared this on a WhatsApp group, I have no idea where it came from. If you are the originator, THANK YOU! Send me your details, and I'll credit you.)
This is not supposed to replace your regular Bible study—keep that going, try to do more during lockdown. This is just a reading program. Don't try to understand everything (nobody does!), just read. Experience the flow of Scripture in a new way, and just enjoy it. If you want to read more each day, please do. Finish the New Testament and then start with the Old Testament. And when lockdown is finished, just keep on reading.
It is said that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. You have enough time to establish the excellent habit of reading the Bible!
Day 1 Matthew 1-10 Day 8 Luke 17-24 Day 15 1 Corinthians
Day 2 Matthew 11-20 Day 9 John 1-10 Day 16 2 Corinthians - Galatians
Day 3 Matthew 21-28 Day 10 John 11-21 Day 17 Ephesians - 2 Thessalonians
Day 4 Mark 1-8 Day 11 Acts 1-10 Day 18 1 Timothy - Hebrews
Day 5 Mark 9-16 Day 12 Acts 11-20 Day 19 James - Jude
Day 6 Luke 1-8 Day 13 Acts 21-28 Day 20 Revelation 1-10
Day 7 Luke 9-16 Day 14 Romans Day 21 Tevelation 11-22

For background notes on most of the New Testament books, click HERE.



Background Notes