A few months after my "rediscovery" of what I had in Jesus, I rediscovered Downhere's album On The Altar Of Love. I got it years earlier and enjoyed it, then forgot about it, but when I started listening again, I was blown away by the realisation that these 12 songs constituted the soundtrack to what God was doing in my life.
From the very first words every song spoke to some aspect of the work of rediscovery and renewal going on in me, starting from the insight that this was "Only The Beginning", through the prayer of "Let Me Rediscover You" and the reality check of "Living The Dream", to the final understanding of "Reveal The Kingdom". Somehow the Lord used this CD to break open to me the incredible riches of the life we have in Christ, things I thought I knew but now rediscovered powerfully as the Holy Spirit used the songs of four young men to remind me again of the truth and power of His eternal gospel.
Somewhere in this process an idea was born - that if God could use these songs so powerfully in my personal journey of rediscovery, maybe I could use them to share what I have learned with others. It was an exciting idea, to structure a workbook not on some academic layout of Scriptural truth, but on songs that expressed in lyrics and sounds the very truths I was rediscovering afresh. I started off in a whirlwind, and quickly discovered that there was much more to this than slapping together a few lessons! Every line of every song became new trails to ancient places, new incarnations of God's unchanging truth in my life, new avenues to understanding His heart.
It turned out to be hard work too, driving me back to the Bible, hunting down the Scriptural basis of truths expressed in lines of poetry. But more than anything else it was life-transforming: what I have learned over the years as facts became an organic tapestry of life woven together by the artistry of people I have never met. And so I am sharing this with you now, in the hope that it will be as liberating, inspiring and life-changing as it was for me.
Every study contains the lyrics of the song under discussion in a sidebar, with links to Youtube or other audio sources of the song, as well as the band's website and other resources. It might be a good idea to listen to the song, then work through the study, and finally listen to the song again, hopefully with new appreciation and insight.
January 1, 2013 marked the end of Downhere's traveling ministry for the foreseeable future, but their albums and songs are still available on their website (www.downhere.com), and at various online stores such as MixRadio (http://www.mixrad.io/za/en/artists/downhere/477974/) and, of course, iTunes. If you would like to buy a physical CD, contact me - I managed to lay my hands on the last few available in South Africa when I started writing this!

About The Music
01. Rediscover?
02. Only The Beginning
03. Rest
04. Let Me Rediscover You
05. For Life
06. Living The Dream
07. Seek
08. Glory By The Way Of Shame
09. Holy
10. For The Heartbreak
11. Turn This Around
12. The Altar Of Love
13. Reveal The Kingdom