What if the Christmas characters could tell us their stories?
That is what this book, and the radio play based on it, is all about:
To try and discover the real individuals behind the story we know so well.
It is true to the recorded facts, but
      there is still a lot of creative license in what you're about
      to read.
Just remember,
   as always,
      the truth is bound to be stranger than fiction!
So leave the cynical grownup at the door,
     let your imagination run free,
          experience the story in a fresh new way.
Put yourself in the shoes of the Christmas characters.
     Share their pain.
          Experience their joy.
               See the familiar through new eyes.
Be changed.
Oh, and don't forget to enjoy it!
(This is a creative retelling of the story! If you want to read the authorised version of the events referred to by the characters, click here.)
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